NHS eClass Searchable Database

Welcome to the NHS eClass website. You can search, browse, download a file or read about the API.

Questions or comments about this search portal? Feel free to email me at matt.durrant@noecpc.nhs.uk.

What is NHS eClass?

NHS eClass is the primary classification system for products and services used by the NHS. It's used by NHS trusts, government bodies and other reporting agencies to help break down spend in the NHS into a hierarchy of categories. The NHS eClass system was originally devised by NHS PASA, but is now administered by NHS Shared Business Services.

This site and API is developed and operated by North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC), an NHS procurement body. It is free to use for the mutual benefit of NHS staff, suppliers, and anyone interested in NHS spend.

For support around eClass codes, please contact sbs.eclasscodes@nhs.net.